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Lemon Myrtle

Lemon Myrtle


(Backhousia Citriodora)

This has to be the best known of all the herbs that are indigenous to Australia. It has a wonderful fragrance which is a combination of lemon, lemongrass and lime.

When used in cheesecakes, sorbets or ice cream, its delicate flavour is quite stunning. It is equally good when used in savoury dishes, particularly with fish or chicken and when used with a little oil and vinegar it makes a superb salad dressing. Using Lemon Myrtle in Thai recipes brings out the subtle undertones of lime and lemongrass and gives any dish a uniquely fresh taste.

I find that using Lemon Myrtle as a substitute for lemon is very successful when making friands, muffins, cakes or pancakes. It is also lovely for biscuits, icing and flavouring yoghurt. Lemon Myrtle can be made into a tea which is equally good whether it is used as a hot drink or as an iced tea.

The uses for Lemon Myrtle are endless, whether as a food additive, in soaps and body lotions, teas or even candles, its lovely fragrance is unforgettable

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